Not SQL: Taking a stand against scammers

If you’ve read my blog you’ll probably know that I don’t like our lack of forward thinking when it comes to phones. Spoofing is something that should not exist and if we all took a stand to make changes to phone technology then it simply couldn’t exist.

I once got a call from “Microsoft Tech Support” stating that my machine was infected and he wanted to access it to help me clean up the problem.

This is the same exact scam that my father in law fell for a few years back. I entertained the scammer for a bit to waste his time trying to keep him on as long as possible without actually doing anything he wanted and granting absolutely NO access to my machine.

As he grew impatient with me talking about apples or whatever else came to mind I informed him that I work at Microsoft and he then told me “%&# You! %&# You! %&# You!” and hung up.

Sadly this is not the same fun experience my father in law had. He instead had the fun of changing bank account information and passwords, Social Security passwords, account information for all his online trading, and I’m sure much, much more.

Today he fell victim again to the “Microsoft System Security Alert” pop-up scam. Each time he allowed the scammer to access his machine and take or plant who knows what.

I am truly astonished that this smart man would fall victim not once but twice to these social engineering scams.

A line in the sand

I’d like to take a stand and help our non-technical community understand how to avoid these scams. Writing here isn’t going to reach them and that isn’t what this post is about.

Instead; I’m planning on doing several free educational sessions with PTA groups, retirement homes, and other groups in my community to help our tech Muggles know which way is up and down when it comes to these sorts of things.

I’m posting here to reach out to each of you; the experts in communities around the world to do the same. It doesn’t take much effort and I promise you’ll feel rewarded for helping.

Call to action

I ask that each of you reach out to a local group and offer 30 minutes of your time to help educate the community on how to avoid scams like these. Even if it’s just a quick chat with your extended family it will be worth it. We can make a difference if we all do this together!

I plan on posting a simple slide deck on my page and will link back to it at some point this week.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or questions.


Thank you!


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