Off-Topic: Phone number spoofing. Why is this still a thing?

A bit of history

Long ago there were such things called diverters. The phone company used them so employees could dial a number and get a second dial tone; this way when dialing long distance the charges would be billed back to the company and not the employee.

I recall my friend using them to dial in to a BBS in the early 90’s. The BBS was in FT Worth, which was long distance for us on the other side of Dallas. He had a program that would dial a block of phone numbers all night long and give a report of which numbers gave a second dial tone. Could you imagine a phone call at 3:00 AM waking you? This was before Caller ID so no one could call him back or ever know who called.

If I recall correctly, I believe Hollywood had a few “Hacker” movies where the actor used diverters to mask their number.

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New SQL Server community tool

For those of us in the US, it’s our day of independence. A day that stands for FREEDOM and happiness. Fireworks will light up the sky tonight! For the rest of the world it’s another random day in July. But don’t worry everyone can celebrate “Free”dom with this new community tool.

I’ve spent the last couple years writing, improving, and using this tool at my customers. This health check now has more than 300 data points and even pulls out bad practice and concerns from your procs. As of today, I gift it to the community. #SQLFAMILY

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