Read this before using SQL 2016 Temporal Tables

I’ve been testing the new Temporal Tables feature over the past day to see about using it in one of our production databases. It’s a neat feature that honestly adds a boat load of possibility around logging.

In my testing I noticed that user created tables seem to store the rows over quite a bit more pages. User created history tables were nearly double the size of an auto generated one. If you’re currently using the feature or plan to use it in the near future, you’ll want to think about this storage issue before you implement.

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Is Resource Monitor (resmon) all I need to troubleshoot storage?

I was recently doing some work on my Windows 10 desktop and placed a drive on one of the slower internal disks. It’s old. It’s 7200 RPM. It’s just plain slow. All that’s fine and good as I’m not doing any production workloads from this development machine.

I thought that until one query was taking exceptionally long to complete. I pulled up Resource Monitor to check CPU and storage pressure. Everything looked just fine. In fact, the D: drive wasn’t even listed as having any IO latency.Read More »