DBA 101: What you may be missing with “Missing indexes”

If you’ve read my blog, I’m sure by now you know that I have no love for GUI tools. I will say they are improving every day and maybe, just maybe, we will see the day when you can click happily away and do everything you want. Sadly, this is not the day.

A while back, SSMS added the “Missing Index” data to the graphical query plan. They even made it really easy to add.

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DBA 101: Altering a column

People always ask me what tools I use. Mostly this question comes from the topic of monitoring. I can honestly say that I don’t love any tools and you shouldn’t either.

My time at Microsoft placed me at nearly 300 different clients. As a Microsoft employee I never liked saying, “Go grab this tool so we can look at your problem because SSMS isn’t good enough.”

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Read this before using SQL 2016 Temporal Tables

I’ve been testing the new Temporal Tables feature over the past day to see about using it in one of our production databases. It’s a neat feature that honestly adds a boat load of possibility around logging.

In my testing I noticed that user created tables seem to store the rows over quite a bit more pages. User created history tables were nearly double the size of an auto generated one. If you’re currently using the feature or plan to use it in the near future, you’ll want to think about this storage issue before you implement.

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