Time saving trick for PowerShell and CMD

Real quick and simple post for today. Having grown up with a computer since the 80’s, I can tell you I still love DOS. In fact, I even have MS DOS mobile on my #WindowsPhone.

I have years of experience crafting batch files, playing of BBS sites before the Internet was a thing, using z-Modem, designing ANSI art, ATTRIBing files, hassling with IRQ’s for your sound card (Gravis of course) – modem – & serial port, and the list of all the other things we really don’t do anymore. With all that said, it’s natural that PowerShell and CMD should be a place where I feel at home.

Here’s a quick simple tip that can save you time when working with either.

To save a little time

The easy way to open CMD or PowerShell is to simply add them to your taskbar or to execute them from the RUN dialog and there’s nothing wrong with doing so.

If you need to navigate to a specific folder in a command prompt or PowerShell window you may want to consider using the address bar in Windows Explorer for that folder.




Doing this will automatically place you in the folder where you launched the command from. This trick works not only for PowerShell but also PowerShell ISE and CMD.

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