Nintendo NES Classic Edition giveaway! #SQLFamily


I’ve managed to get my hands on a Nintendo NES Classic and I’m going to give it away. The details are as follows:

The winner will be chosen with random # generation via Microsoft SQL Server 2016. This is intended for the #SQLFamily community so I’m only posting this to my blog, which also goes to SQL Server Central.

Doing the following will award you one entry each:

To complete the “entry” you must email me at with subject “NES Giveaway” and each of your handles so I can verify the follow and input the appropriate number of entries. Without the email you get no entries.

The drawing will take place on Christmas morning (December 25th) and this post will be updated with the lucky winner. I’ll also email the winner. They will have up Wednesday December 28th end of day to respond with shipping info or a new winner will be selected.

US residents only (unless you’re willing to send me a shipping label and pay for shipping)

Let’s get someone a #SQLFamily Christmas present! 🙂

It’s Christmas morning for many of the world and it’s time to draw a winner in the #NESmini giveaway. Using this handy random script and a list of names, I had my 6 yr old son press “F5” in SSMS to run the script and read the winning number. Then we matched it with the identity column in the table.


—- This will create a random number between 1 and 999
SET @Lower = 1 —- The lowest random number
SET @Upper = 12 —- The highest random number
SELECT @Random = ROUND(((@Upper – @Lower -1) * RAND() + @Lower), 0)
SELECT @Random

And the winner is….

Garry (@gbargsley)

As per the rules, Garry will have up to EOD on December 28th to claim his prize. Congrats, Garry!

For those who didn’t win, keep checking back as I will have more give aways in the next two months and I’m feeling like you get an extra ticket if you’re an existing follower. 🙂



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