I’m speaking at SQL PASS 2016 (Speaker Idol)

It’s always been my dream to speak at SQL PASS Summit. It’s a tough egg to crack. In my experience the abstract process is a true pain. I submit each year and the feedback on my abstracts has not been all that helpful.

As an example I got feedback on a lightning talk that read something to the effect of “Lightning talks are a waste of time and money and they shouldn’t exist.” I don’t get why this person was reviewing lightning talks if that’s how they feel. Honestly I don’t get why they were allowed to review any abstracts but that’s a whole different conversation.

For now, I’d like to take the time and thank Mr Denny Cherry for making Speaker Idol happen. It’s a really cool contest that features speakers who have spoken at SQL Saturday but have yet to crack the Summit egg.

Find out more about the competition here and be sure to check out @MrDenny:

PASS 2015_SpeakerIdol_Banners_440x220

If you’re at Summit be sure to stop in and check out the Idol sessions!

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