New SQL Server community tool

For those of us in the US, it’s our day of independence. A day that stands for FREEDOM and happiness. Fireworks will light up the sky tonight! For the rest of the world it’s another random day in July. But don’t worry everyone can celebrate “Free”dom with this new community tool.

I’ve spent the last couple years writing, improving, and using this tool at my customers. This health check now has more than 300 data points and even pulls out bad practice and concerns from your procs. As of today, I gift it to the community. #SQLFAMILY


Where to find the tool:

Navigate to www.SQLDATAPROS.COM and click the download free button. Note that there is no registration. If you’d like to send me your email, please feel free. You can also follow me on Twitter at @SQLSME or find me on LinkedIn. A link to my profile is on my blog at


This will take you to my dropbox where you will need to click the download button.

If you don’t have a dropbox account, you can click the “No thanks, continue” button on the bottom to bypass signup.




That’s it! It’s that simple. The only other thing you need to worry about is having .NET 4.5 or higher and possibly the ReportViewer 2015 files. There is no install for this. If you don’t want it anymore, simply delete the files.

You can also get the ReportViewer (2015) and SQLCLRTypes prerequisites from the application zip file on DropBox. This should make finding the items easier since they will be in the zip in a prereq folder. Be sure to install them to allow the tool to run.


How do I use this thing?

Unzip the files to any directory you like. After that, simply open the FitDB application.

Once the application is open, type an instance name into the instance box and then click Test Connection.


Once the connection is successful, the databases list will be populated. Deselect any databases you want to ignore.

Next right click a category on the right and click “Collect Data”.


After you’ve collected data, click the “Reporting” button to view any issues that were found.

If you get an error about “Microsoft.ReportViewer.Common” then you don’t have the Report Viewer 2012 installed. Be sure to grab it from the link referenced above.


Drill into the bar chart or click “View All Data” to get a detailed explanation of each issue.



Please be kind and remember this is being released for the first time and is a BETA. 🙂


I wish everyone in the #SQLFamily a happy 4th!



  • Fixed a crash on launch from non-USA date formatting
  • Corrected blog post link to ReportViewer.2015 from RV 2012. The application uses 2015, not 2012.

3 thoughts on “New SQL Server community tool

    • The standard reports in SSMS don’t really give you much data on what may be wrong. This tool checks more than 300 areas of SQL Server to see what may be wrong and tells you how to fix them. One really exciting thing this tool does is look at all your SQL code and make suggestions on bad practice. I hope that helps!


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